Marlow Allotments Association
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Our Association
The Town Council managed allotment sites in Marlow are: Foxes Piece and Hanging Hill. The Association has members from both sites.
The Allotments Association was established in 1983 as a response to a proposal to sell off the Hanging Hill site for housing With the help of the National Society for Allotment & Leisure Gardeners (NSALG), the Association was successful in preventing the loss of this valuable site. There have been subsequent threats to the site since then but now thanks to full occupancy and a waiting list for plots the risk of either of our two sites being lost is minimal. The Association, however, remains vigilant.
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The Association also sends out a periodical newsletter, containing news, forthcoming events, hints & tips and other useful information.
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Waiting List
To be entered on the waiting list for either or both of the sites please contact either of the following:-
Contact Details:
Marlow Town Council:
01628 484024
Marlow Allotment Association:
01628 473300
The Triangle Project
Allotment Gardening for People with a Disability
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The Committee
Each year, members of the Allotment Association elect a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and up to 7 Committee members to take the lead in helping to improve the allotments. The Committee are all volunteers who have plots on either of the sites at Foxes Pieces or Hanging Hill so that association members have someone to go to who knows the people and understands the local site conditions. The Council relies on help from the Committee to maintain this close link with tenants of both plots and to take the lead in, for example, showing plots to people on the waiting list and organising work parties every winter to help with clearance of unused and overgrown areas. Last winter, enough ground was cleared to release up to 20 plots for letting. This has subsequently reduced the Council’s long waiting list for plots.
The whole Committee meets approximately five times a year to consider issues that are raised and to take joint action where this is judged to be in the interest of all members. The Committee also arranges an Annual Summer Barbecue, where tenants of both plots meet informally to share food and drink and any other produce donated by fellow plot holders such as a drop of home made wine. It is always open to supporting initiatives that explain and support the purpose of the allotments to people in Marlow. In 2010, a Committee member presented a display of pictures of work on the allotment in the local library to raise awareness.
Foxes Piece
This site is located near the town centre, next to the doctors’ surgery, and backs onto the school of the same name.
The plots are surrounded on most sides by residential areas. Those living nearby can stroll to their plots whenever they please and potter about chatting to other tenants, gathering crops and pulling the occasional weed.
It is lovely to take a leisurely walk & pick some fresh fruit & vegetables for dinner instead of trudging to the shops.
Hanging Hill
This site is situated near St Peters Catholic School on the outskirts of Marlow. As the name states most of the plots are on a fairly steep hillside with spectacular views over Marlow.
To be able to sit on your plot as the dusk approaches, looking out over the views, with only the sound of a sausage or two sizzling on a small barbecue is pure bliss.
As this site is slightly larger, there are some car parking areas, which helps with the fetching & carrying of equipment & crop gathering.